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Dungeoneering is one of the skills in RuneGuild that takes a longer while to train, however it also provides a notable amount of rewards that can be bought with the Dungeoneering tokens that are earned through training the skill.

Starting off[]

Dungeoneering can be started by clicking on the Dungeoneering skill, this teleports the player to Daemonheim. Once there, you will need to bank all of your items. What was originally the quest tab has now been replaced with the image of a ring similar to that of the Dungeoneering skill, click it to open the interface for party creation. To form a party simply click the "Form Party" button, click "Invite player" and type the name of the player you want to invite to add them to your party.

Once your party is created, it is time to start exploring the dungeon! Once inside, you will find that the party leader has a Gatestone, this can be dropped anywhere in the dungeon and players will be able to teleport to it through the gatestone portal in the first room. Each player will also start out with some GP, which can be spend at the Smuggler's shop in the first room. It is recommended to buy a weapon and some potions, as you will not have any weapon the first time going in.


When you kill a monster or the final boss, there will be a chance for a weapon or an armor piece to be dropped. The weapons vary from tier, from tier 1 (Novite) all the way up to tier 99 (Primal). Unlike the base game, these only require 1 Attack to be worn.

If you want to keep a weapon or armor piece for all future rounds of Dungeoneering you can right click and "bind" it to your character. This causes that weapon or armor piece to appear in your inventory at the start of every dungeon. If you want to replace one of these items but are unable to bind another based on your dungeoneering level, you can right click and "destroy" the item you no longer want before binding the new one.

Dungeoneering level Number of active bound items
1 1
50 2
85 3
110 4


  • Bound items stay with your account when you prestige.