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Farming is one of the most tedious skills in RuneGuild due to the lack of most farming patches and locations. It is recommended to start training it early, so you will not be left with its tediosity later on in the game.


You can start training Farming by clicking on the Farming skill. This will teleport you to the only farming spot in the server, the Farming patches south of Falador.

Required items[]

All required items for Farming can be purchased directly from Martin the Master Farmer, including seeds. Ironmen will have to buy the tools from Adam at ::shops, and get the seeds from pickpocketing the Master Farmer found at the farming patch, or from monster drops. (::finditem <seedname>)

  • Secateurs.png Secateurs - Used to cure plants and keep them healthy.
  • Watering can (8).png Watering can - Required to start the growing process.
  • Seed dibber.png Seed dibber - Used to dig a hole for the seed to be planted.
  • Rake.png Rake - Used to remove weeds from a patch or allotment.

Starting off[]

To get the first few levels, rake all patches and drop the weed you gathered off in the compost bin. If you are on classic XP mode, you will have to plant seeds as normal to achieve these few levels. After these levels, use all three patches at all times to maximize experience gained.


Level Seed
1 Potato
5 Onion
7 Cabbage
12 Tomato
20 Sweetcorn
31 Strawberry
47 Watermelon


Level Seed
9 Guam
14 Marrentill
19 Tarromin
26 Harralander
32 Ranarr
38 Toadflax
44 Irit
50 Avantoe
56 Kwuarm
62 Snapdragon
67 Cadantine
73 Lantadyme
79 Dwarf weed
85 Torstol


Level Seed
2 Marigold
11 Rosemary
26 Limpwurt
52 White lily