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Runecrafting is one of the easier skills to train in RuneGuild, but can be considered one of the most dangerous ones for Hardcore Ironmen depending on how it is trained.


Runecrafting pouches can be bought from Wizard Distentor at the Runecrafting teleport. They are bought with energy fragments, which are obtained from siphoning the green and yellow energy sources.

Type Essence held Price
Small pouch.png Small pouch 7 200
Medium pouch.png Medium pouch 16 300
Large pouch.png Large pouch 28 400


Talismans can be bought from the Wizard at the Runecrafting teleport, or obtained from various monsters. You can use the talismans by right clicking them and clicking the locate option to teleport to the respective altar if the required level has been achieved.

Starting off[]


Runecrafting can be started by clicking on the Runecrafting skill to teleport to the Runecrafting area. It can be trained in two ways, through regular rune crafting, or siphoning energy sources, starting at level 40.

Crafting runes[]

Crafting runes is the initial way of getting experience in Runecrafting till at least level 40. To make the runes, take rune essence or pure essence to any altar that you have the required level for and click the altar.

Rune Level
Air rune.png Air 1
Mind rune.png Mind 1
Water rune.png Water 5
Earth rune.png Earth 9
Fire rune.png Fire 14
Body rune.png Body 20
Cosmic rune.png Cosmic 27
Chaos rune.png Chaos 35
Astral rune.png Astral 40
Nature rune.png Nature 44
Law rune.png Law 54
Death rune.png Death 65
Blood rune.png Blood 77
Soul rune.png Soul 90

Siphoning energy sources[]

Players with level 40 Runecrafting can start siphoning energy sources. Use the Runecrafting teleport to get to the energy sources. When siphoning you will receive energy fragments. These fragments can be used in the Runecrafting store, run by Wizard Distentor, to purchase pouches which can hold rune or pure essence, or a cosmetic Runecrafting outfit.

It is recommended to bring food, especially as a Hardcore Ironman, as it is possible to siphon the energy too much, causing the player to get hurt.

Energy Level
Green 40 - 72
Yellow 72 - 99